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Commonwealth nations please note and do not forget. This family is very high on traditions and each of them is exactly that same person. Possibly more so. #republic #timesofindia #IndiaTodayMagazine

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Will you take the Vaccine?
Click to know what netizens say
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#PrinceWilliam blamed Africans for their "growing population" and that it was a danger to Africa's wildlife.

His grandfather #PrincePhilip used to joke about being reincarnated as a deadly virus "to solve overpopulation".


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You might want to click before you order your food!
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What if China and Pakistan attack India together?
Can India survive a two – front war?
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Despite the exceptional monetary policies to mitigate Covid’s impact by government everywhere, the global economy (minus China) won’t reach pre-Covid levels till 2022, writes @neelkanthmishra

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Academician @mahbubani_k believes that the ‘great game’ in the 21st century is an economic rather than a military contest and makes a case for India to become globally competitive by joining groupings like the RCEP

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popularity and the BJP’s pan-India dominance could see the country become a centre-right nation in which national identity and pride, not regional and caste forces rule, writes @rajchengappa

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.@doctorsoumya argues that India needs to hike its investment in health from 1.5% of #GDP to at least 2.5%. It also needs to strengthen the system of primary healthcare centres | #IndiaTodayMagazine

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The convergence of challenges in the year of the pandemic means #NewDelhi will need to reassess its military modernisation, refocus budgets and accelerate defence reforms that have been stuck for over two decades | @sandeepunnithan | #IndiaTodayMagazine

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They are not a cure for Covid-19, but vaccines give us hope for the new year. As they slow down the spread of the disease, the world, and India, will get a chance to reset priorities. Ten experts crystal gaze for us in a special edition. #IndiaTodayMagazine

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The future of media and entertainment industry will be scripted by a new generation of entrepreneurs who invest in both content and technology, the president of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) predicts.

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The silence within Parliament has shifted public discourse to the streets, says senior advocate of the Supreme Court. Rulers and citizens need to start talking to each other, not at each other.

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The world, and certainly India, has to buckle up and provide security and resilience buffers to the public. India’s lockdown threw millions into poverty and was probably a wrong approach, writes @FareedZakaria

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Environmentalist @sunitanar says pandemic has shown us how socioeconomic inequality is linked to health and environment. Prolonged neglect of climate change and our woeful unpreparedness ended up hurting the poor the most last year.

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India’s pre-eminent economist @APanagariya recommends setting up a disinvestment ministry to aggressively privatise PSUs and shore up govt finances, and to give cash transfers to the rural and urban poor to the tune of 1-2% of GDP.

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They're not a cure for Covid-19, but vaccines give us hope for new year. As they slow down the spread of disease, the world and India, will get a chance to reset their priorities. 10 experts crystal gaze for us in this special issue #IndiaTodayMagazine

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If you ask us, this year is 2021 PC not 2021 AD!

Comment to guess what PC is

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The world has changed forever. So, what can we expect this year? We asked top experts to weigh in on issues of climate change, health, politics. Read it online for free at or share the e-copy with a friend at .

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In Uttar Pradesh, cases of fraud and technical errors deprive eligible farmers of support payments due to them under the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi | #IndiaTodayMagazine

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An Indian study says chances of infection is directly related to the number of Covid positive cases in the room


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A doctor on the frontlines of the Covid-19 pandemic just became the fourth contestant to win the big prize on this season of Kaun Banega Crorepati


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A lengthy impasse could be damaging for both the government and farmers @anileshmahajan


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Click to know how the pandemic hit the migrant workers the hardest and what do they need to make things better.
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Click to read #MilindSoman’s views on the freedom of expression afforded by OTT platforms and a lot more.

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Happy birthday Music Maestro AR Rahman Sir. Stay blessed 🙏💐❤
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#2020NEWSMAKER: The pandemic wreaked havoc on an already slowing economy. Most businesses ground to a halt, incomes and demand declined, triggering one of the sharpest declines in India’s GDP growth in nearly three decades @MGArun1

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#2020NEWSMAKER: Protests over the Citizenship (Amendment) Act and the proposed National Register of Citizens saw women at the forefront of resistance this year

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#2020NEWSMAKER: With the economy in recession, and both demand and investment on the decline, finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman had the unenviable task of steering the Covid-stricken economy @MGArun1 | #IndiaTodayMagazine

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#2020NEWSMAKER: From handling the tidal wave of more than 3 million Biharis returning home to taking oath as the chief minister of Bihar for the fourth successive term, 2020 was a roller-coaster ride for Nitish Kumar @iAmitabhSoni | #IndiaTodayMagazine

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#2020NEWSMAKER: Unable to reconcile with the death of a bright, young star, the country went overboard in getting justice for SSR @suhani84 | #IndiaTodayMagazine

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#2020NEWSMAKER: India continues to fail its women, especially those on margins of the society @KDscribe #IndiaTodayMagazine

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Demand of SSC Aspirants ⬇️
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#2020NEWSMAKER: The rise of OTT platforms
@Suhani84 #IndiaTodayMagazine

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#2020NEWSMAKER: The fallout of Covid-19 and its impact on millions of migrants

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#2020NEWSMAKER: The impact of Covid-19 on education in India @KDscribe | #IndiaTodayMagazine

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