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It really is. Russell T Davies is a genius. Don’t miss #TheReviewShow @BBCRadioWales 6.30pm this Friday with @GaryRaymond_ @EmiGarside and @TheDaiLlew @Channel4 #ItsASin

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🆕️| Keeley Hawes: I can’t stop crying when discussing drama It’s A Sin


#keeleyhawes #ItsASin

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Can. Not. Wait. Gonna binge on Friday! #ItsASin

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✨ New #ItsASin preview clip featuring Olly Alexander and Keeley Hawes (via The One Show on BBC)

It's A Sin starts this Friday at 9pm on Channel 4.

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@Misskeeleyhawes I dearly hope #ItsASin draws the huge audience it deserves too.

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@Channel4 will #ItsASin be repeated ? Either on @4seven @More4Tweets @E4Tweets or during the week I want to record it but Friday night a lot of clashes !

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Beautiful people! #ItsASin

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Cannot wait for #ItsASin Friday night Chan4 21:00hrs (The Pink Palace) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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so so excited for this #ItsASin

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Rydyn ni i gyd mor hapus i weld y llwyddiant y mae @Callumhowells_c yn cael gyda #itsasin / We are all so proud of Callum’s success #proud

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@HThorrington_ I loved it too! So looking forward to Friday & episode one. #ItsASin

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#ItsASin is simply stunning 😭

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Lovely article about RTD, Jill and the Pink Palace
Can’t wait to watch #ItsASin starting Friday, 9pm on Channel 4

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Watched the first few eps of It’s a Sin, the new Russell T Davies drama for @Channel4 for #TheReviewShow this Friday and... spoiler alert... it’s absolutely brilliant.

Get a more in-depth review on @BBCRadioWales on Friday.

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So ready for this! #ItsASin

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Such a wonderful wonderful cast honestly #ItsASin

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A delightful watch with no spoilers, except for “episode one starts with a bang”! I’m super excited for Friday. 💥 #ItsASin #BFIAtHome

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I’m concerned at the amount I’m tweeting now how much am I gonna tweet on Friday 💀😂 #ItsASin

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I am so so proud of the entire cast of #ItsASin and really look forward to seeing the success they all have after the shows aired 😭🥺

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Thank you @BFI @BFIFlare for that INCREDIBLE Q&A. I'm so excited to watch #ItsaSin this coming weekend (and cry my heart out) 💖. @RealMattLucas @russelldavies63 @alexander_olly @Misskeeleyhawes @marsdoug @Callumhowells_c @nathancurtis90 @NicolaShindler @Channel4 💖

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Good. Lord. I was not emotionally ready for my queen @Misskeeleyhawes crying during this Q&A #ItsASin

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Bless her ❤️ #ItsASin

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I am very excited to see Roscoe based on the lil clip they shown #ItsASin

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I hear Russell T Davies's #DoctorWho script from 1985 is going to be adapted into a Big Finish audio adventure... this... is... INCREDIBLE! 😄

RTD really is both an inspiration and a terrific guy!! Looking forward to #ItsASin and his future projects!! ☺️

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#ollyalexander on the #oneshow 😀 #ItsASin coming on Friday ☺️🌈

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The gang's all here for our #BFIatHome Q&A for #ItsASin...
@RealMattLucas @russelldavies63 @alexander_olly @marsdoug
@Callumhowells_c @lydiawestie @nathancurtis90 @Misskeeleyhawes
@NicolaShindler @CarolineHollick #PeterHoar

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Keeley got really emotional talking about "It's a sin".

#keeleyhawes #ItsASin

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Oh Keeley 🥺🥺 #ItsASin

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“I can’t talk about this show without crying!” @Misskeeleyhawes

#ItsASin #BFIatHome

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Cant wait for #ItsASin new @russelldavies63 drama about Aids and life in 80s london. Starring #OllyAlexander @yearsandyears #neilpatrickharris @stephenfry

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Owwww she is getting so emotional 😭 #itsasin

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Watching the #ItsASin Q&A
On BFI Youtube Channel, I sooo can't wait for this show on Friday I just love Russell T Davies everything he does is amazing!! ☺️

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OMG. Have just seen a 30 second clip of It’s A Sin on the One Show and welled up. I really feel it will be our story finally told. Better get the gin in. #ItsASin

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In case you didn't know @russelldavies63 is a god and I cannot wait till #ItsASin @Channel4

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@russelldavies63 on @BBCTheOneShow is so brilliant. Really looking forward to watching #ItsASin

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Now live on @BFI YouTube...

It's A Sin Q&A with @russelldavies63, creators & cast, hosted by @RealMattLucas #BFIFlare #BFIatHome

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Join @RealMattLucas for It's A Sin Q&A with creators & cast, including @russelldavies63, @Misskeeleyhawes and @alexander_olly!

TONIGHT at 7pm #BFIatHome #BFIFlare

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it’s a sin is out on friday !!! my heart is racing 🥺

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