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One of my favorite games #nufc

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Anybody confident? #NUFC

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There's an argument that days off during this season will help recovery. But it's not true.
Our players are getting injured and they're exhausted in every game.
WBA played on Saturday, yesterday, and then on Sunday. 3 games in 8 days. They'll still have trained more than #NUFC

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@ChronicleNUFC Let’s be 💯 clear @lee_ryder - the extra time will work, IF Bruce comes with tactics on how to win & play with what he has - they have enough to do that.
He won’t as he’s a dinosaur with the tactical ability of a newborn baby
He MUST go #bruceout #nufc @CraigHope_DM @ChrisDHWaugh

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👍⚫⚪👀 #nufc

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Power nap 💪 remember. Karma is a bitch! #nufc #NUFCTakeover
Gregory Allison Clarke, Truth alway has away to bite you back!
I will not let this go!

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The revelation of Steve Bruce working continental shifts is the closest we will get to Europe under this regime. #NUFC #BruceOut

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Mark Lawrenson (BBC) has Predicted West Bromwich Albion 0-0 Newcastle United for Sunday's Premier League game at the The Hawthorns.

Will he be correct?


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@SimonBird_ Has #StevBruce been given a written warning for his 'assault' on matt Ritchie.. If not.. Why not?

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Just to add he’s getting an easy ride and could someone please hit it home media just give the fans what we want to hear he’s under huge pressure can’t understand why the hierarchy see in this guy it’s laughable now #NUFC

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I’d love to be in the press room today and ask this fraud 100 questions but sadly these lot are so controlled and scared of asking this fraud the hard challenging questions tbf he bloody needs it. Well done Craig Hope for making them rattled #NUFC

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Has he been sacked yet #cabbageheed #nufc

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Predictions for Sunday? #NUFC

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A picture that should worry every #NUFC fan immensely! What a mess this is becoming, compelled even more now by the Bruce & Ritchie incident. We’re Newcastle United for crying out loud. These two should be nowhere near our first team squad. What a mess man. #BruceOut #AshleyOut

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Is this weekend the first time WBA have been favourites for a premier league game this season? That's the Bruce effect #NUFC

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Finally VAR used correctly
#NUFC #BruceOut

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Steve Bruce and Matt Ritchie were allegedly involved in a training ground bust-up #NUFC

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@10Swampmonster @slimshadyno2fan @gavthemal @ataylor1892 @BillyBo61083732 @jason17jhw @john_nufc42 @hayleylartey9 @Fluffysocks1993 @janshoes @geordiegirl1892 @KathrynLynch3 @ArmieNE1 @Toonboy45 @toon_west @MalcolmMcgil Good morning Swampy.Hope all is good with you and your family Have a good day. #Nufc. #Hwtl.

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"I think he's switched strategy in his press conferences in the last few weeks." #NUFC

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although at this point i think gross incompetence is a factor tbh.

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if enough of us chip in a tenner each maybe..?
i reckon graeme jones has got what it takes to take temporary charge and steer us clear of the bottom three, the lads seem to really like him.

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We know MA’s tight, but I just can’t get my head around why paying £3m compensation is such a big deal? Just do it and say the transfer kitty is -£3m for the next window, or acknowledge that £3m is a drop in the ocean if #NUFC stay in the Prem! How can MA/LC be so shortsighted?

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Thoughts on this? #NUFC

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So who else thinks that the West Brom game will be like the Bournemouth home game of 2016. #NUFC

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@MikeNE3 @CraigHope_DM The way the media deal with #NUFC is bizarre on so many levels. Blaming & attacking fans, protecting & applauding Bruce, never exposing the alarming decline under MA, this training point you noticed. It’s almost as if parts of the media get paid to run with particular narratives

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Good morning Toon buds.Have a good day. #Nufc. #Hwtl.@slimshadyno2fan @gavthemal @ataylor1892 @BillyBo61083732 @10Swampmonster @jason17jhw @john_nufc42 @hayleylartey9 @Fluffysocks1993 @janshoes @geordiegirl1892 @KathrynLynch3 @ArmieNE1 @Toonboy45 @toon_west @MalcolmMcgil . #NUFC .

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Lee Ryder spoke on The Everything is Black and White Podcast focusing on the bust-up between Steve Bruce and Matt Ritchie. #NUFC

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Newcastle United takeover latest as relegation fight takes fresh twist #NUFC #HWTL

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@NUFC360 Who cares. #NUFC

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Put him on gardening leave. #NUFC

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#NUFC press conference will be on fire 4 key questions must be pressed

* Latest on Bruce / Ritchie saga
* Has he lost the dressing room
* Sacked if we lose to WBA
* Why players train 3 a week not 6/7

He should of be done again MA/LC are scared to sack him

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This morning's key #NUFC headlines.

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5 years ago today,, rough as a badgers arse in Las Americas, heading out to watch #NUFC get thumped off Bournemouth. #megsstagdo @ameggeson86 great weekend 🍺👍🏻⬛️⬜️

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1 nil down 4-1 up Albert Luque wrapped it up👏🏻⚫️⚪️ love Glenn’s little chuckle with Terry Mac on the touchline🙏 @alanshearer @MichaelChopra great day as a #nufc fan. Hopefully we will rank these again one day👍 #HWTL

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Exclusive: NUFC players alarmed at amount of days off Steve Bruce continues to schedule in survival scrap: 3/5 since Wolves. Concerns over fitness/injury prevention. Also belief Bruce sends out wrong message by not staying in team hotel for northwest games

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Steve Bruce would be entitled to a compensation package of more than £4 million if Newcastle United decide to sack their under-pressure head coach [The Times] #NUFC

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👀 Tomorrow morning's press conference will be interesting... #NUFC

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Tune! Remember when it was released, #nufc football was actually entertaining! 🤞🙏 We get this #nufctakeover!

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