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@Thorpejrlj @BlackFoxRaider @denniss9117 @KSJM_12_72 @AK7682 @Angelrdz66 @blitzchk @AmyTrask @Wehrl @MrMiles02569390 @esgardopinedo1 @oscarrobinsons @raiderlady70 @KtyRN4L @RaiderStoney @Tmraider @raidersl8ergirl @Maryflo02468971 @Raidersandy No worries 😉 I’ve got quite a vast collection on my iPhone and iPad now. Us Raiders fans can NEVER have enough Raiders pics 😂 we always want more! I love making my own too. 🤍🖤🏴‍☠️☠️⚔️🏈🕊 #RaiderNation

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@VonMiller you can play against your old team twice every season .. 👀 #RaiderNation

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#raidernation that's Our QB lets Go... Fix the DEFENSE

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The actual cap savings is only 530k. #Raidernation

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#Raiders Should Avoid These 3 #NFL Free-Agent Wide Receivers

✍️ @stevenavalos18

#RaiderNation check out our latest post today at @TheRaiderRamble 🔥

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1st chug #ChuysBeerBrigade #RaiderNation  @chuycisneros74 @Robert9579 @bobthamobb @Califrankie831 @msspg3 @Ovaltinej3nkins @rubalcava303 @AnthonyReddin13 @uddybhoy1 @rafaserna1 @BillKing75 @818salvysal @tmoneygoat @77_raiderfan @JimmyRaiders

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According to Raiders Scouts via Instagram, The #Raiders have waived and released the following players:

LB Ukeme Eligwe
DE Jeremiah Valoga
CB DJ Killings

This move has open up a total of 2.26 Million Dollars in cap space 👀


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Raider Football - ‘Our kids are fired up to win’: River City hopes to build some winning ways! #RaiderNation #RaidersRISE @RiverCityHighS1 @sacbee_news

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I was there 😇 #RaiderNation

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@jtheaps9 @DangeRussWilson after hearing the defenses he must now face 6 times a year ... Maybe forcing a trade to #RaiderNation is just all about quality of life. #NFL

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#Raiders have cut Jeremiah valoaga( saves 920,000) DJ killings (780,000) and ukeme ekilwe (920,000) total savings of 2.6 mil. #Raiders #RaiderNation

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Former UNLV defensive end Jeremiah Valoaga has been waived by the Raiders #RaiderNation #UNLVFB

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So bored of reading @Raiders offensive trade #gossip, hello!! think we did ok there. Why aren't we talking about the desperate need for defensive players, we need experience and leadership out there on the D!! @RaiderCody @KennyKing_Jr @RaidersUK #RaiderNation @derekcarrqb

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No better response to a sportswriter's inquiry ...

“What’s it like having a girl working for the team?”
"She's not a girl, she's a Raider" - Gene Upshaw

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AND THE WINNER IS…1. #RaiderNation - #HereWeGo 1972→Para algunos fue "The Immaculate Reception", para otros “The Immaculate Deception", seguramente aquel día Franco Harris escribió la historia 👇 @Serpicolleidata

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Número 2. #FinsUp - #RaiderNation 1974→Stabler logra milagrosamente ejecutar el pase, pese a la enorme presión de la “No Name Defense"…Clarence Davis lo atrapa entre un mar de manos “THE SEA OF HANDS” Los de Madden triunfan @raiderette_ @Draferxa

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Número 5 (empate) #RaiderNation - #WashingtonFootball 1984→Marcus Allen corre por 74 yardas y marca uno de los TD más legendarios y asombrosos de la historia de las SuperBowls👇@marisolbojackso @Raiders_esp

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Número 8. #RaiderNation #TakeFlight 1968→Championship, Namath y Maynard inventan las dos jugadas que regalan el memorable título a lo neoyorquinos👇@ileann_Elliot @NYJetsSpain @JetsARG

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Número 10. #FinsUp - #RaiderNation 1974→Benny Malone anota un TD impresionante👇 que regala la ventaja a los suyos en los últimos instantes del partido que pasará a la historia como“The Sea of Hands”@IlseNonis #NFL

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Getting rid of Carr this week #RaiderNation

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Número 12 (empate) #RaiderNation - #GoPats 2002→Vinatieri cumple dos proezas bajo la nieve de Foxboro. Empata el juego con una patada de 45 yardas y, en la prorroga, acierta el FG del triunfo, tras un memorable drive de Brady👇 #NFL @EugeniaR_

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@JJWatt You must not want a Super Bowl ring. #RaiderNation

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@deshaunwatson it’s your time. We need you in the black and silver. New stadium, in Vegas and a phenomenal O line with young talent at WR and RB. Not to mention a top three TE. #RaiderNation

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@LasVegasLocally @LasVegasVLOG I don't remember it being like this before #RaiderNation came to town.

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#Raiders David Carr Says Russell Wilson Over Derek Carr? 👀 Brutally Hone... via @YouTube #RaiderNation

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#Raiders Did Not Expect This At All 🤯👀🏴‍☠️ via @YouTube #RaiderNation

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#Raiders Looks like Khalil Mack Will Play In Vegas In 2021👀 I Like It😎..... via @YouTube #RaiderNation

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💯💯loyal to the RRAAIIDDEERRSS
@RAIDERS @raiderettes  #Raiders #Raiderettes #R8RN4L #RaiderNation #BuiltRaiderTough #JustWinBaby #silverandblack #ALWAYZREPN #Loyalasfuck #PROUDLYHATED
#SBA4LIFE #SBAinc  💀🖤☝☠🏴‍☠️🖤

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Happy new week. God bless this great nation. GM to my #RaiderNation family

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#Raiders Should Look Into These 3 FA Running Backs

✍️ @JWillisScouting

Latest today via @TheRaiderRamble

#RaiderNation #NFL

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This Month’s Featured 3 For $30 “VEGAS 3-PACK” Showcases Our Hometown Of Las Vegas, Nevada 🎰 & Also Donates 5 Pairs Of Our “Give Back” Socks To Those In Need!!!

#vegas #LasVegas #socks #unlv #vgk #raiders #goldenknights #RaiderNation

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Today marks the deadline for eligible college football players to notify the NFL Player Personnel department of their intent to forgo the 2021 NFL Draft and return to college.

This should open up spaces and clear up NFL mock drafts.

#RaiderMaven #Raiders #RaiderNation

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Traded back 6 times, lol.
Ended up with 12 picks.
Got a little quality to go with the required quantity.
#RaiderNation #MockDraft

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No #raiders included in PFT top 100 free agents ...Nelly in for rude awakening or PFT just hating on #RaiderNation ?

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You just had to be there.

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In 2018, David Carr ranked Derek Carr higher than Russell Wilson. In 2021, David Carr thinks Derek Carr's current team should call the Seahawks "yesterday" about a trade for Russell Wilson.

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