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Unity through accountability and nothing less. #RenewDemocracy

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Woooow. Notorious troll and white nationalist Ricky Vaughn (real name Douglass Mackey) charged with election interference for "disseminating misinformation designed to deprive individuals of their constitutional right to vote" in the 2016 election. Facing up to 10 years.

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What does democracy mean to you? #RenewDemocracy

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Hey @daveweigel, this is what's happening! Here at @Renew_Democracy, we're asking people what democracy means to them. We'd love it if you could take the #RenewDemocracy challenge.

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If I ever have children, I can't wait until they're old enough to talk with them about the republican party, so they can respond "Who?" #RetireTheGOP #FormACentristParty #BeforeItsToLate #RenewDemocracy

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Open seats for a governor and a senator are coming.

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A republican failure to convict Trump will only intensify psychotic Qanon conspiracies and a belief in the second coming of Trump. This is the most dangerous crisis our country has faced in a long time. An anti-democratic GOP must be abandoned to pages of history. #RenewDemocracy

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GRAND conspiracies. OLD ideas. PARTY of lies and extremism. #RetireTheGOP #RejectSedition #RenewDemocracy

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@Renew_Democracy @DanielMillerEsq Count me in & TY for the invite! I vow to “summons up all my courage”, face my fear for anonymity, & post a📹 w details on both my choice to nominate myself for the #RenewDemocracy Challenge & what democracy means to me in more detail. Til then👇

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Republicans MUST fulfill their moral and legal obligations to this country and our democracy if they intend to hold office. We refused to be taxed without representation -- will we accept having our lives shaped by those who undermine democracy itself? #RenewDemocracy #NoExcuses

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Great message from an American veteran. A must watch. #RenewDemocracy

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I accepted @mansoortshams’s challenge and here’s what Democracy means to me. Freedom for the people and accountability for our leadership. I nominate @travisakers @MalcolmNance to accept the #RenewDemocracy challenge.

@Renew_Democracy @AVindman

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Well put.


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Thank you so much @davidmweissman. Looking forward to watching it. #RenewDemocracy

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Hey @PaulStanleyLive and @chelywright, it's time for you to join the #RenewDemocracy challenge. @RexChapman has already shared his video. We're looking forward to seeing yours!

What does democracy mean to you?

And thanks again @richardmarx. Your video was terrific.

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@Renew_Democracy @Craig_A_Spencer @neal_katyal @mansoortshams @AVindman Thank you for the reminder, I’m doing it now.

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And if you want a brief explainer of the #RenewDemocracy challenge, check this out!

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Hey @Craig_A_Spencer @neal_katyal and @davidmweissman are you going to leave @mansoortshams's challenge on the table?

It's time for you to take the #RenewDemocracy challenge! Join @AVindman and hundreds of people across the world who have told us what democracy means to them.

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For @MJohnston60's mom, the Statue of Liberty represented what democracy could & should be, representing our right to challenge our government without fearing a visit from the secret police. Thanks, Michael, Lubetzky Foundation, & Kind Foundation for helping to #RenewDemocracy!

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A lot of people talking now about what democracy means to them. Here is my video reflecting on the lessons my expat mother taught me about democracy. #RenewDemocracy

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Alright @MobileLakeside if this isn’t inspo, I don’t know what is! @DanielMillerEsq works directly with the #RenewDemocracy initiative! His RT thread has my response to the challenge.
NOW I PERSONALLY NOMINATE YOU @MobileLakeside! Remember to [email protected]_Democracy when you tweet! 🦸‍♀️

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If we are to #RenewDemocracy, then we must reduce the influence of the Rich & Powerful.

Several steps can help with this, as our #A2E outline shows, but the #YesNoAbstain voting method probably is biggest.

It’s the most direct way to tell politicians that we don’t like them.

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I love this thread.

If you haven't done the #RenewDemocracy challenge, what are you waiting for?

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@DebraMessing @SenateGOP I want you, Debra Messing, to do the #RenewDemocracy challenge.

You have been a constant Twitter companion through this election. Why do you do what you do for us, your followers and friends? What do you want us all to know about democracy and tyranny and the bullet we dodged?

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@2020Pheonix @KenBurns @boffies1 @mmpadellan @joshcobbler_ @thecoldsoviet @mmckinnon @kattlebrat1069 @MarcusO_Flowers @jackson_reffitt @GovofCO @Renew_Democracy @HamillHimself Examples of the #RenewDemocracy challenge?
@morgfair Morgan Fairchild did a video. She looks amazing.
And @perlmutations Ron Perlman. Such a cool guy.
@AVindman did one of the first ones.
There's poetry. And written word.
Or do you mean from me? I'm too shy!

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@QuispMe @RepMattGaetz Maybe Gaetz should be nominated for the #RenewDemocracy challenge. What is he thinking? Why does he seem to dislike the American way of politics and most American people? He definitely has some explaining to do.

Please join @Renew_Democracy in sharing what democracy means.

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@DebraMessing @JudiciaryGOP #RenewDemocracy challenge nominates @DebraMessing , the busiest advocate for democracy I know.

Please find more info here: @Renew_Democracy

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@2020Pheonix @KenBurns @boffies1 @mmpadellan @joshcobbler_ @thecoldsoviet @mmckinnon @kattlebrat1069 @MarcusO_Flowers @jackson_reffitt @GovofCO @Renew_Democracy Hey Amanda,

I love this! I have a few celeb nominations hanging out there. I think @HamillHimself
has been nominated for the #RenewDemocracy challenge at least 10 times. Lol! Get on it Mark!

Amanda in Dexter

Amandas unite! Separately. At home. 💙

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If you haven't yet checked out the #RenewDemocracy series of vids, please do! Helps uplift the spirit when you feel weary from the efforts & news.

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#RenewDemocracy has a clear support

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Alright, here we go: my cousin @CindySueSci challenged me to the #RenewDemocracy challenge (kicked off by @AVindman). Here's what democracy means to me:

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Hey @JulianCastro and @JoaquinCastrotx, what does democracy mean to you? Join @AVindman and your colleagues @RepSeanMaloney and @RepSwalwell and take the #RenewDemocracy challenge!

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Hey @KathyGriffin, we know you have a lot to say!! You’ve been nominated by @page88 to take the #RenewDemocracy challenge. What are you waiting for? What does democracy mean to you?

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Thanks for the challenge @ewwaldo & @arneduncan.

And most importantly, thank you @AVindman for your courage and heroism.

Broadening participation in higher education will help #renewdemocracy.

Tagging @EloyOakley, @michaelsorrell, @drrachelbrenner, @michaelcrow

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Democracy is a political ideal and a moral aspiration

@roberttalisse, co-author of POLITICAL ARGUMENT IN A POLARIZED AGE (Polity 2020) takes the #RenewDemocracy Challenge below, @Pascal_Polity @WhyWeArgue

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If you havent heard:
@DebraMessing has been nominated for the
#RenewDemocracy challenge!

We’d love to hear what democracy means to you! Post a short video or tweet or poem? You can tag your friends to do the same and use the hashtag #RenewDemocracy

Watch Morgan Fairchild! Wow!

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We couldn't agree more, @ewwaldo. "The work of democracy is not done. We gotta keep on showing up and working hard."

We hope to work with you to #RenewDemocracy and to see you on Feb 15th at our virtual pro-democracy rally with

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#RenewDemocracy Challenge @KenBurns @boffies1 @mmpadellan @joshcobbler_ @thecoldsoviet @mmckinnon @kattlebrat1069 @MarcusO_Flowers @jackson_reffitt @GovofCO
I nominated people I follow I feel have varying/important views. Visit @Renew_Democracy 4 info. 🙅🏻‍♀️pressure if you don’t do.

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Thanks for the challenge @arneduncan & @RexChapman.

@AVindman’s courage is something we should all emulate and cherish.

To #renewdemocracy we need to stay engaged on issues like voting, education, and healthcare.

Tagging @soyferrer @BBurnsEDU and @KumarAGarg next.

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@BrianLemaire2 @dawg4life99 @Renew_Democracy We desperately need a well informed citizenry.
Educated citizens will more likely understand the value of learning civics and building community for the comprehensive health of the nation.
If they don’t get the value, politics beyond the Pres election is seen as an annoyance.

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Thank you @perlmutations for giving me the opportunity to acknowledge my gratitude to @AVindman for his immense courage and patriotism. I nominate @RexChapman @PaulStanleyLive and @chelywright to join us! #RenewDemocracy

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Thanks to @MollyMcKew for tapping me to discuss what’s important about democracy for this @Renew_Democracy initiative by @AVindman.

Passing the torch to @kathygriffin @ekownyankah and @abdutoit.

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I don't know what's happening but I tag @ashleyfeinberg

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Democracy is a political ideal and a moral aspiration

My bit for the #RenewDemocracy series. The challenge is to say in 90 secs what democracy means to you. I’m a Ramones fan (@RamonesOfficial), so did it in 77.

Your turn: @myishacherry @rinireg @GreggDCaruso @Renew_Democracy

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So for me democracy means the ability to be free, the ability to believe as I like, freedom of conscience, freedom of thought...today I’m more prouder then I was even then to have served...”

Nominate @davidmweissman @Craig_A_Spencer @neal_katyal to the #RenewDemocracy challenge.

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Democracy isn’t perfect, but it means progress. It means striving for the ideals on which this nation was founded. What does democracy mean to you? I nominate @AndrewYang, @JulianCastro @JoaquinCastro @natsechobbyist @YVindman to the #RenewDemocracy challenge. @Renew_Democracy

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We're excited to launch the #RenewDemocracy Challenge with @AVindman! During a dark time, we need to showcase the best of our democracy. Share a short video about what democracy means to you & nominate 3 friends to do the same! Be sure to use hashtag: #RenewDemocracy

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