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What Democracy means to me #RenewDemocracy @Renew_Democracy

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And I really think many #Americans are not getting how very dangerous these Trumpist, far right, militia, and deluded people are. I mean, this is bad, people. We may be at a tipping point where we #RenewDemocracy or we lose it.

#MAGA #Trump #democracy #insurrection

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Because we increasingly exist in separate universes & casual dehumanization is the obv choice, it is essential to listen to ppl in whatever the enemy camp is to us. Not to condone what they think & do, but to remember they are human beings & remind them we are too

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A leap of faith in the ability of selflessness to triumph over greed, democracy is a protocol built on hope. Hope that, together, we can build a better society in spite of our obvious failings.


Interested in your take,


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Democracy means hearing diverse perspectives but not granting any one of them authority. Democracy is communal and consensual or it fails. Fearing the mob isn't democracy; neither is minority rule.

Democracy is complicated and essential for civil society. 4/4


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Democracy is a decision by a society to band together to support all, not just the majority & powerful. It means working together for common good, not bowing to thugs. It means freedom, not free rein to cause damage. It means using your voice not your fist. 1/4


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Great to see that my longtime pal @GreggDCaruso has taken the #RenewDemocracy challenge. Perhaps @danieldennett would like to respond with a competing view???

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If we truly want to #RenewDemocracy, our country and the world would do well to listen to @Kasparov63 .

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"The worst result would be letting the mutineers off the hook -- and this includes the elected officials who encouraged them, like Sens. Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley and especially Trump."

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Loved this podcast with @Kasparov63, @StanMcChrystal, and @FussellChris! All brilliant leaders and all fighting to promote good leadership & to #RenewDemocracy.

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A Ramones-inspired, 77-second break down of the basis of democracy, by @RobertTalisse for the #RenewDemocracy Challenge

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"I recognize that I've taken much of our democracy for granted. There's more that I have to do to make it work, not just for myself, but for others." #RenewDemocracy

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Democracy is a fragile thing. I was challenged by @Renew_Democracy and @RobertTalisse to say what democracy means to me as part of the #RenewDemocracy series. Here are my brief thoughts:

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Here’s @RobertTalisse’s encapsulation of the basics of a democratic republic. Part of the #RenewDemocracy Challenge.

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I took the democracy challenge. What does democracy mean to you? I nominate @kirstentheodos @TribecaTrust @LLaudico to take the renew democracy challenge. @Renew_Democracy @Edward_Rad #Renew_democracy #RenewDemocracy

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👊 Count every vote. #RenewDemocracy

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@DonaldJTrumpJr would love to know what democracy means to you . Clear up the misconceptions! #renewdemocracy

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@Renew_Democracy @AVindman Democracy is a learning process: the majority may be wrong, but putting their theory to the test reveals errors and demagoguery while giving the nation a non violent option to correct its course.


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This! 👇🏼 #RenewDemocracy challenge! ❤️

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Based on votes of confidence,
Not brute-dominance


That's my haiku for
This democracy challenge.
I'd love to hear from:


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@pamela_herd @mirandayaver My first paper for master's degree in public administration was "Bureaucracy & Democracy". Only w/equality of process/services & accountability of oversight, can we even hope to have services and democracy. Violations of merit hiring & favoritism erodes democracy. #RenewDemocracy

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#RenewDemocracy My family has been here since long before the Revolutionary War. I believe that democracy means responsibility - the responsibility to be informed about candidates and issues of the day, responsibility to vote based on that information, cont.

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Thank you for sharing what democracy means to you and thank you for sharing your family history. #RenewDemocracy #HereRightMatters

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For those who didn't see it, my new blog post is about the #RenewDemocracy challenge. We were asked to think about why democracy matters and explain what it means to us. See if you agree with my response:

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#RenewDemocracy 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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@edwards21228 @debbieSerop @natsechobbyist @Renew_Democracy @RealJacobPerry @NotAbouThatBase @UnpaintedMelody @AVindman I can’t wait to read your book! Thanks for accepting the #RenewDemocracy challenge.

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I accept the #RenewDemocracy challenge. Here is my statement on democracy. I challenge @anthonycwalker @pamelasm and @gclaytontarvin

See more @Renew_Democracy

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@debbieSerop @natsechobbyist @Renew_Democracy @SFCDad12B @RealJacobPerry @NotAbouThatBase @UnpaintedMelody @AVindman I stand with Lt. Col. Vindman. Here’s my democracy video and my stand for the Founding Principle of counting every vote.

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The Constitution is the Business Plan for our nation. Its Preamble is our Mission Statement:

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare,

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* Being able to choose to campaign for & win an election.
* Seeing how money corrupts political decisions because whistleblowers & journalists exist.
* Having access to govt budget spending plans & commenting on poor judgement by politicians.
* And so much more.

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So proud of my Uncle Ed. He has been an educator for 30 years and has been a true community leader and advocate for equality and opportunity for all. We need more like him. #HereRightMatters #RenewDemocracy.

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Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to many more from many others. #RenewDemocracy

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'If you don't exercise the power you've been given, someone might take it away.'

You da man @akenatoth! 👏

#RenewDemocracy Challenge

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I accept ⁦@MoniqueCamarra⁩’s #RenewDemocracy challenge. Here’s what democracy means to me. I challenge ⁦@piercamillo⁩ ⁦⁦@Giulia_B⁩ ⁦⁦⁦@makkox⁩

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Join the #RenewDemocracy challenge. Offer a positive rebuke to the seditious & anti-democratic actions of the administration and its enablers. Add your voice to drown out hate and division. Tell us what democracy means to you. Here, right matters.

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Democracy is beautiful but it is fragile. This is my #renewdemocracy challenge video. I challenge Jacob @RealJacobPerry, Melvin @edwards21228 and Adam @NotAbouThatBase to the challenge and tell us what democracy means to them. @UnpaintedMelody @AVindman @natsechobbyist

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Thanks @BillyRay5229. Challenge to talk about what democracy means to me accepted. #RenewDemocracy

Tagging @AshaRangappa_ @JillWineBanks @KimberlyEAtkins @ProfMMurray & @BarbMcQuade (and any of y'all who'd like to do it too, the more the better)

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Democracy is a political ideal and a moral aspiration

My bit for the #RenewDemocracy series. The challenge is to say in 90 secs what democracy means to you. I’m a Ramones fan (@RamonesOfficial), so did it in 77.

Your turn: @myishacherry @rinireg @GreggDCaruso @Renew_Democracy

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“Democracy is the worst form of gov't, except for all the others.” It doesn’t come without warts & rough edges. But they should be celebrated & smoothed out, because it’s all we've got. What does democracy mean to you? Join us and @stephenfry for the #RenewDemocracy challenge!

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We're excited to launch the #RenewDemocracy Challenge with @AVindman! During a dark time, we need to showcase the best of our democracy. Share a short video about what democracy means to you & nominate 3 friends to do the same! Be sure to use hashtag: #RenewDemocracy

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