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I've had some #COVID19 low days, but... I'm thankful #Google exists, as the thought of telling the receptionist at the #doctors this. Especially right now, where they ask you to take a picture and send it over. Bend over and say #cheese 🧀
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So if person ask you why you Dey beef me you go get mind tell am say you beg me 2k I no give you, orie ti Daru


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Mallery & Hobbs Book Two - A French Detective Murder Case
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#SaturdayThoughts I want so badly to love and be loved. I try to spread kindness and creativity where I can, and leave the world a little bit happier than I found it.

So why am I so difficult to love? Why is it so hard for me to find people who stick around?

Life is weird.

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The weekend is finally here!

Time to get some rest after so much crafting and creativity this week.

What’s everyone else got planned?

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In the most recent episode of the show, I was joined by Maarten Slendebroek of @Robeco.

Find out more here:

A great discussion on his career and investment insights.

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@Official_NCFC finally get to play a league game today! Wish we could be there but looking forward to the live stream nonetheless. Good luck Notts! #SaturdayThoughts

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