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 2 months ago

Election day is here! Make your voting plan for #Election2020 by finding your polling place or ballot drop box site, voting instructions, and more ⬇️

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 2 months ago

@UberSoc Masih berfungsi ya aplikasi ini

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Trump should pardon Julian Assange and declassify documents related to war.
Declassify documents related to extraterrestrial beings or UFOs.

Trump never started wars, so he should declassify documents related to wars started by Democrats & Republicans.

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«Ouvrir nos cœurs un peu plus grand pour les uns et les autres» #KamalaHarris #InaugurationDay 

Heureuse du départ de #Trump assurément!

Je vous souhaite Madame @KamalaHarris ainsi que Monsieur @JoeBiden de réussir à réconcilier votre peuple et de respecter tous les autres

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And so it begins.
A new day... A new president. A new opportunity.

#healamerica #deepbreaths #opportunity #InaugurationDay #Inauguration2021 #ByeFelicia #ByeDon

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In a few hours the USA will wake up, a new presidency, a new start. May the divisions heal, may the people realise that together they are stronger. #InaugurationDay

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Wouldn’t it be dope if @KamalaHarris walked out to @bujubanton tomorrow. All you hear is:
“Me wanna walk like a champion
Talk like a champion
What a piece of body gal
Tell me where you get it from” 😩😂🇯🇲 #InaugurationDay

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Today defo one of the saddest and hardest day for Trump. #InaugurationDay

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