During #COVID19, women and girls are using the internet more than ever to stay connected with the world.

@FarOutAkhtar, UN Women’s Regional Goodwill Ambassador for South Asia and founder of @MardOfficial, shares important information on ending cyberviolence against women 👀👇

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@Indian_laws65 Profile picture Mr.HK


 6 days ago

@unwomenasia @MardOfficial @FarOutAkhtar Bhai ye Farhaan kabhi 3-6 talak par nhi bolega.
Or na hi #lovejihaad par

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@unwomenasia @FarOutAkhtar @MardOfficial We should all respect women

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 1 month ago

@unwomenasia @FarOutAkhtar पढ कर बोला की समझ कर? Be safe 😷

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@unwomenasia @FarOutAkhtar @MardOfficial I wonder who recommends @UN to team up with the people from the industry which is famous for casting couch, forced intercourse, drug abuse, rights violations, of both men and women. That too for issues related to women. Slow claps.

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(03बार सम्मन)
(द्रौपदी के चीरहरण सी लंबी #विवेचना जारी)
#बोथ_वे_वांरट_इश्यु होना तय

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#OneDayIDreamedThat politics would be banned from Governing.

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#OneDayIDreamedThat “my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by their character.” #MartinLutherKing #MartinLutherKingDay #quotes #quoteoftheday #quotestoliveby

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#OneDayIDreamedThat All Streaming services all have Unlimited Free Verisons. The same goes for @Spotify and @AppleMusic

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#OneDayIDreamedThat Joe Biden would be elected the 46the president of the United States, and here he is.

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#OneDayIDreamedThat True faith in the truth was ascendant and accessible @MagicalMondays

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I used to dream someone was trying to break into my house. Now, I would let them in. They would try desperately to break free to escape all my built-up conversation. Nice try.


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#OneDayIDreamedThat I could sleep in on Monday morning.

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