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 1 month ago

On this Human Rights Day - as repressive regimes crack down, as people flee from violent conflict, and the pandemic exacerbates threats - we must remember our shared responsibility to one another. And we must commit to standing up for the rights of others, at home and abroad.

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 1 month ago

@617_kb @BillClinton How could a president that isnt even a president anymore help us could u think a little

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 1 month ago

@JermutusLutz Love it!

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 1 month ago

@BillClinton I miss having you as POTUS! I worked for the Women For Clinton-Gore Campaign in Seattle.

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 1 month ago

@BillClinton Slick

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@BillClinton ratio’d old man !

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kwani Fulham wata draw na Chelsea #FULCHE

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100% a red card #FULCHE

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Fulham down to 10, we have to win this one now... Come on Chels, don't let us down 🙏 #FULCHE

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Instead of being lunatic fan! Lets have a honest conversation about #Chelsea it looks like they are going through growing pains& chemistry pains! I mean when you add like 4-5 new star offensive players in this crazy year its hard! And they didn't need offense necessarily #FULCHE

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Imagine if that tackle was made on *recently* recovered Reece. Could've made things worse.

That being said, glad Azpi walked away fine. Only people with no football knowledge will have the audacity to question that red card.

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#FULCHE #LEISOU #SPORTsMINT On a day that #chelsea NEED a win for #Lampard to prove he deserves a slim chance-it’s 0-0 at HT?With one man down,Chelsea should demolish #fulham .But I don’t think they can...?Lampard is NOT providing anything SPECIAL!✋👀🤚.Not in defence or attack!

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Sur le terrain il n'y a pas quelqu'un qui aime le Club plus que Mount. #FULCHE

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