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 1 month ago

Don Fowler was a good man with a sharp mind and a big heart whose life embodied his commitment to opportunity and inclusion for all Americans.

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@Southsidedeedz @BillClinton Shame on you ! Attending a couple of same events as Epstein and knowing him doesn't make them besties. Trump and Epstein partied together...( Many photos ) and go way back.

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@SpayLisa @BillClinton He definitely was!💙

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A light illuminating our political discourse & progress for decades has just been forever dimmed.
Don Fowler, former @DNC & @SCDP chair, as well as gentleman, athlete, communicator, scholar, family man, leader & friend to the people has passed away at 85.
May God keep his family

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@bergenmomma @BillClinton he was certainly classier than you

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@BillClinton Tell us about you bestie Jeffrey Epstein tho👀👀👀🤣😂🤣😂😂😂🤣

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@BillClinton Mr. Trump must be exempt🤣

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@BillClinton Such kind and true words. He will be missed.

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@BillClinton Profile picture Bill Clinton


 1 month ago

He was an excellent DNC Chair who helped our candidates win up and down the ballot, even in places that weren’t Democratic strongholds. To the very end, he was cheering them on. I’ll always be grateful for his friendship, wise counsel, and support.

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Lol CHO isn't even warming up. Frank you make me sick #FULCHE

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Please. PLEASE, whatever we do. We do not bring on Werner 🥴 #FULCHE

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Lampard reminds me of the hymn

🎵🎶Cross and pray ooo
For there is no other way ooo
For Lampard to win his game oo
But to cross and pray ooo.🎵🎶


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If we fail to win here I feel there could be bad news coming out of Chelsea Football Club. #FULCHE

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Chelse are scrap aren’t they 💩 #FULCHE

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Mount > Foden. It’s decided #FULCHE

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