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 1 month ago

He was an excellent DNC Chair who helped our candidates win up and down the ballot, even in places that weren’t Democratic strongholds. To the very end, he was cheering them on. I’ll always be grateful for his friendship, wise counsel, and support.

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 3 weeks ago

@hua8907 Very love it!

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 1 month ago

@Roars1871 Love it!🚗

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@BillClinton RIP Don Fowler.

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 1 month ago

@BillClinton And he was an excellent human being ! The world needs more like him.

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 1 month ago

@BillClinton So terrible,you help CCP strong!

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@BillClinton Well said RIP

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 1 month ago

@BillClinton Kind words for a great man. RIP

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@BillClinton Profile picture Bill Clinton


 1 month ago

Don Fowler was a good man with a sharp mind and a big heart whose life embodied his commitment to opportunity and inclusion for all Americans.

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Watching Madison Cawthorn get destroyed is my new #sundayvibes morning jam.

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پہلا اجلاس عمومی براۓ سال احیائے راہ ولایت و معنویت

امامیہ اسٹوڈنٹس آرگنائزیشن پاکستان طالبات کراچی ڈویژن کا سال2021_2020 کا پہلا اجلاس عمومی مورخہ 24 جنوری کو موسسئہ عارف حسینی میں منقعد ہوا۔


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🔑's to a better week:
 Don’t go 3 days without reading (Mind)
 Don't go 3 days without exercise (Body)
 Don’t go 3 days without meditating (Soul)

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Beautiful bluebird Saturday morning run with my man and Mr Louis💕 I really could use a pair of #berniesmittens in the windchill no kidding 😆Hope you’re all having a relaxing Sunday! #running #stravarun #sundayvibes #runchat

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What you think 🤔🤔 what you select in these options...😱😱

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