Interesting listen from Cressida Bonas on her podcast Fear Itself exploring what we can learn from fear

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 1 month ago

@skyfallbelize @richardbranson @virgingalactic Have patience. I'm sure he is a busy man. "Only thing to fear, is fear itself." Take a look at the big picture my friend. Invest in that. SPCE Long

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 1 month ago

@TheTanBeret @richardbranson Dude their PR team is god awful!!

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 1 month ago

@richardbranson Hello sir,

I just search in twitter virgingalactic and all say “worst PR team”

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 1 month ago

@richardbranson I know you never answer these, but I'll ask anyway. With all of the shutdowns due to covid-19, how are your businesses coping? And I do hope you and your family are well.

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 1 month ago

@richardbranson In December of 1998 my father took his own life. I’ve written a book about my teenage life during that time. This book is filled with laughs, but also delves into depression and mental health issues. Please Like, Share, or Buy or Anything you can do to help!

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@richardbranson When is the next test flight ????? Test flight ??? Test flight ??? When ??? Whennnnnnn?

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 1 month ago

@richardbranson Like the fear of not hearing anything from @virgingalactic detailing next steps?

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@richardbranson I don't get it. I've been posting my gofundme campaign about 200 times a day for days now & only 6 lovely souls helped my family. I'm trying not to lose it emotionally. But with evey tear that falls down my cheek fuels my despair. So now I try to balance my heart to the feather.

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 1 month ago

@richardbranson Happy Thursday Richard 💙

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So, are we just going to ignore the elephant in the room.....the insanity of liberal behavior for the past five years or so?

#MondayMorning #WayTooEarly

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#waytooearly to go back to the gym

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#waytooearly to wonder why “patriots” were rummaging through @SenTedCruz’s desk instead of going for the honey pot.

Those in the know are aware that @SenToomey has control of the candy desk.

If you’re gonna do hard time at least score some candy.

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@AmericaNewsroom @brithume @mercedesschlapp @ChristopherHahn @SecAzar @HaroldFordJr @CharlesHurt @HowardKurtz @AriFleischer @donnabrazile @gen_jackkeane @HARRISFAULKNER @DavidAsmanfox @marthamaccallum @BillHemmer @DanaPerino Rudy Guliani, witness or co-conspirator? It's #waytooearly to judge. Burn After Reading, Nancy Pelosi's laptop stolen during unrest. Cowboys for Trump founder arrested. Keystone XL pipe to be cx by Biden. Obnoxious Peace, Birmingham Jail. Snowden, Assange whistleblower. talk.

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New World
We're equal
There's no 1st woman or 2nd
Especially now a vice-prez's
husband's in the picture
It's time to STOP the "LADY" usage
We are women
We left blue blood classicism crapola
Old World
#BeBest #MLKDay #AfterTrump #MondayMorning #waytooearly

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