@143redangel Pass filled cases... Unfortunately walang evidence to support it...

@143redangel Pass filled cases... Unfortunately walang evidence to support it...

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 3 weeks ago

@utangerangbayan @MaravillaJireh @143redangel Replayan nyo nang buti nga Sana kung pulis at yung anak nya ang namatay di nabawasan at mga demonyo ,,,maiinsulto yan sya.

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@MaravillaJireh @143redangel There can’t be any more substantial evidence than the video. How the PNP leadership can retain a cop with a long history of grave misconduct escapes me. Companies won’t even hire anyone who has red flags on background checks.

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 3 weeks ago

@MaravillaJireh @143redangel Di kaya Walang evidence kasi s crime lab sha naka duty...sha mismo nagprocess ng crime scene lol

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@MaravillaJireh @143redangel So THIS is the THIRD time na nakapatay na xa. TANGINA 😡

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 3 weeks ago

@MaravillaJireh @143redangel dalawang kasong homicide sa isang taon (2019) at both no evidence? hindi tlga sila naalarma na dalawang beses siyang may homicide case in a year? wow 🤨

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 3 weeks ago

@MaravillaJireh @143redangel I think may ginawang milagro sa pass cases kaya walang nakitang evidences...

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 3 weeks ago

@MaravillaJireh @143redangel d ko maintindihan... wala pa po sila nakakita sa video??

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 3 weeks ago

@MaravillaJireh @143redangel I hope that this will be the strongest evidence for his crime this time around!

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 3 weeks ago


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 3 weeks ago

LOOK: Mugshot of Jonel Nuezca, the police officer who shot dead his two neighbors, a mother and her son, in Paniqui, Tarlac. (📷Paniqui Municipal Police Station) | @cgonzalesINQ


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