What is to be a nationalist?
I want our country to be as rich as other countries are. Using my platform to bring peace and focus on the right direction🇮🇳
My take on nationalism: part 1

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@Muggermuch_ @chetan_bhagat What is nationalism according to you ?

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@chetan_bhagat 🙄 No one needs coaching on Nationalism. There is a Dark n Damp place where that opinion of Urs belongs , Keep it there plz .

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@parixit111 Profile picture Par!x!t


 1 month ago

@chetan_bhagat Good start CB, I must say. Let's make it more objective. There is a history behind why the definition of Nationalism is a bit moved. Let it move in parrel for correction of some fundamentals and march ahead at the same time as you described.

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@chetan_bhagat What you are saying Chetan is basically "How to be a Good Indian". Nationalist is a person who obeys all rules, regulations, laws as well as implements it with letter & spirit thereby contributing in making his nation a disciplined one.

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@chetan_bhagat Down to earth and as well very inspiring

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 1 month ago

@chetan_bhagat A story about love, friendship, family and crime, it will keep you entertained and hooked right till the end.

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My take on nationalism (contd): part 2

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 1 month ago

@chetan_bhagat we need to hear MORE from you sensible guys .INDIA is great only when it achieves a china.We wanted a govt which makes us economically a china , it is making us UGANDA

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 1 month ago

@chetan_bhagat I love you sir 💕❤️😊😃😊😃

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@chetan_bhagat I am with you

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