The intersection of the sciences with digital has arrived . Digital is not just convenience and productivity . It is revolutionizing factories and research . Our kids need D-STEM skills like @iamwill and @deankamen1 are pioneering with FIRST Robotics. Or @IBM is with P-Tech .

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@LiverisAndrew @iamwill @DeanKamen1 @IBM Agreed. And, students need direct, effective instruction in digital literacy so that they can unleash the potential of the research and engage more fully in the revolution.

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@LiverisAndrew We agree! Digital skills are must for all learners and creating access to these skills is paramount. Through @PTECHNETWORK and SkillsBuild, we are giving all learners a path to build the technical and professional skills they need for successful careers— for free.

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#PatIDontWantToOverreactBUT is Aaron Rodgers a choker? Again without the lead he can’t pull off that 4th quarter comeback

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#PatIDontWantToOverreactBUT Jordan Love didn’t do much for the Packers in the NFC title game.

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#PatIDontWantToOverreactBUT The Lions finally are assembling a competent front office and coaching staff.

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This. It was the worst coaching cal of the year. #PatIDontWantToOverreactBUT

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@PatMcAfeeShow #PatIDontWantToOverreactBUT the NFL wants Tom Brady to win so bad they gave him home field advantage in the super bowl

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