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 1 week ago

My friend @pettore found this – foreign travel by desktop. Rather delightful.

Visit the world while at home
Just click on the city in the list on the right to see what that city is like.
Pick the city of your choice from the list in the upper left.

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@KlagsbrunTO @stephenfry @pettore "Your" Government?
Or the people who control your politicians?
(sometimes I swear a College failure, Drug Convict, Micro$oft OS salesman is dictating the nations response to C0V!D-19 here)

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@SaraEGoransson @stephenfry @pettore Oh wow, thank you for this. It's wonderful but looking at some of the sceneries makes me so jealous!!

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@stephenfry @pettore And don't miss this one

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 1 week ago

@stephenfry @pettore This is ideal. Thanks for sharing.

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 1 week ago

@stephenfry @pettore Back to Barcelona, great👏👌

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 1 week ago

@stephenfry @pettore Thanks, will give it a go!

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 1 week ago

@stephenfry @pettore Thank you!!!! I needed this to quench my thirst for wandering!

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@stephenfry @pettore I'm afraid that pretty soon, my government will make this the only legal way for us plebeians to travel.

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@stephenfry @pettore Bah, autocorrect stole an E 🙁

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@stephenfry @pettore Have at the, lockdown *stab stab*

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@stephenfry @pettore Thanks for sharing!

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DC is a diverse, beautiful, place full of life, hope, and quiet pockets of natural wonder. #WeAreDC #DCStatehood

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#WeAreDC is trending nationally at #18. Let's continue to show how our neighborhoods remain vibrant and our residents are both vigilant and resilient despite the current times.

#DCStatehood now for the #DCValues that include hope, love, diversity & inclusiveness.

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@MayorBowser So you have more millionaires among the residents than all but ONE state, so that answers why they pay more in federal taxes. So now you want to go for state taxes also. It's about the MONEY, not the residents.
#WeAreDC #GovernmentGreed

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#WeAreDC proud to be a local washingtonian for 20 years!

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We like soccer & social justice. #WeAreDC

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If #DC becomes a state, can it get back the missing chunk that completes the original diamond? ◇

#DCStatehood #WeAreDC

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#WeAreDC #DCStatehood moved to DC in early 2017. Love the locals, love the murals, love the riverside walks, no place compares!

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