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 1 week ago

Saddened to learn of the passing of Seth Abid Hussain. He was one of the early donors of SKMT. Condolences and prayers go to his family.

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 3 days ago

@shahjhan_malikk @ImranKhanPTI When I started Banking, He was 1st whom bank account I opened..He was sitting right across my desk & signed a/c form..Once he left, Bank Country Head asked me, do u know whom a/c hv u just opened, i said No..He smiled, that was Seth Abid 😊
Such a powerful yet humble man..RIP.

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@Muhamma21625082 @ImranKhanPTI Outstanding Student needs help to continue her studies

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@ImranKhanPTI Condolences to his family and friends. RIP

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@ImranKhanPTI إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ

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@ImranKhanPTI محسن پاکستان سیٹھ عابد علی کی عظمت کو سلام

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@ImranKhanPTI سالہاسال تک یہودی رھا ھے پھر سالہاسال تک قادیانی رھا ھے پھر چند سال مشرک رھا ھے
پچھلے سال کرونا کے وقت پاکستانی زائرین کو ایران سے واپس لانے پر شیعہ ھو گیا تھا۔
اور گزشتہ ایک ہفتے سے شیعہ مخالف ثابت ھو گیا.

کتنے گرے ہیں لوگ صرف ایک شخص کو گرانے کیلیے..!!

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@ImranKhanPTI Cut ties with China! Look what happening in the US!

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@ImranKhanPTI Mashalha

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Aku kira pemain team setan garfu yang namanya Kak vani berbahaya,ternyata B aja


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What A Pile Of Shit That Was #LIVMUN

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Only team happy Today would be Man City....they can go top if they win their games in hand.
Meanwhile, Liverpool quietly goes down to 3rd. Getting interesting up there. #PL #LIVMUN

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You too, @D_DeGea 👊

🏆 #PL

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🗣️ Pretty positive verdict from Roy Keane on Manchester United's performance - but he wasn't impressed with Fernandes, Rashford or Pogba.


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จริง แมนซินี่ตามมาเงียบๆ สรุปฟาดเรียบนะคะ ฮาา #LIVMUN

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1 point isn't a bad result that too after 2 brilliant saves by #Alisson. Could've been 0-1 to @ManUtd but it wasn't to be. It's a good solid point at #Anfield and things are looking bright for Utd as the @premierleague progresses ahead. #LIVMUN #GGMU

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@MmusiMaimane This #LIVMUN game reminded me of recent Soweto Derbies 🥱

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