Dealing with extreme leftists (follow up to my earlier video on extreme nationalism. (Part 2 of 2)

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@CommonMan_oB91 @chetan_bhagat @ndtv Words like 'liberals' or 'RW' or 'LW' sounds like modern age castes.

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@chetan_bhagat Both the video msg are quite meaningful... Keep up the good work chetan.

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@sagarsabode Profile picture Sagar K


 1 week ago

@chetan_bhagat You asked to use something which is highly uncommon.

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@chetan_bhagat It is oxymoronic to tell extreme leftist to be open minded and use common sense. 😅
The moment they do this they wont be be extreme any more.

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@Jatihans Profile picture Jatinder Hans


 1 week ago

@chetan_bhagat You said it all. I was Extreme leftist till the age of 19. Then better sense prevailed and tried to be centrist. Away from both. But now to save country I have to take side. U know where the country is safe.

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@chetan_bhagat Video seems insecure, 2 avoid hurt 2 fans? few corrections 1. Many liberals achieved more than u imagine e.g., Amartya Sen, Arundhati Roy, Bollywood, Raghuram Rajan. 2. RW attacks u below d belt, liberals reason. 3. RW don’t ‘think’ & are not intellectual, forget superior. @ndtv

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@rajabhi_1 Profile picture abhi


 1 week ago

@chetan_bhagat jordan peterson of india ban gaya hai.

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@chetan_bhagat Nice one..... Pls make similar informative video on extreme right wing too❤️

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@chetan_bhagat "Dangerous combination: When you don't know, but you think you know more than others"
Irony just choked on her own blood and died a tortured, painful death.

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Dealing with extreme leftists (follow up to my earlier video on extreme nationalism. (Part 1 of 2)

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