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What is to be a nationalist?
I want our country to be as rich as other countries are. Using my platform to bring peace and focus on the right direction🇮🇳
My take on nationalism: part 1

My original video on Nationalism:

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 2 weeks ago

@chetan_bhagat Hi Sir..... I hv one quest I don't know whether u ll going to respond to me or not... Do u read book when u hv started writing or whatever content u put in ur books or it's comes from within and it's started flourished day by day as time goes accordingly

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@chetan_bhagat ❤️sir

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 2 weeks ago

@chetan_bhagat Well said Chetan.

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@chetan_bhagat Saw this Sir, really appreciate your thinking.

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Dealing with extreme leftists (follow up to my earlier video on extreme nationalism. (Part 1 of 2)

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