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Debut single ‘Colours Fade’ out now. See link in bio. #coloursfade #wavesrushin

My son Sam has shared this beautiful song, “Colours Fade”, which he wrote in my mum’s living room after the last time he saw her - anyone who has lost somebody recently may find comfort in this song

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@richardbranson So sorry for your loss! May her soul RIP. Regards to your son who has found it worthy to write a song in memory of your mum.

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 6 days ago
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 6 days ago

@richardbranson Ty.. I lost my son, my sister and my mom this year.... hugs

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@richardbranson Rich’o

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@richardbranson Very kind of you to share this during your grief. I found it calming and peaceful. Good job, Sam.

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 6 days ago

@richardbranson Sorry for your loss

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 6 days ago

@richardbranson @antheafrederick something for you to deal with your pain....

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@richardbranson Sorry for your loss...

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 6 days ago

@richardbranson 💙🌼 🎶Thank🙏🏻You @sambranson 🎶💙🌼💙

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