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 1 week ago
Com vocês, o ex-ministro da EDUCAÇÃO do Brasil.

Com vocês, o ex-ministro da EDUCAÇÃO do Brasil.

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 1 week ago

@CharlieEBorges @felipeneto No caso dele, com chocolates

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@https_brulipe @felipeneto Ele vai ignorar Kk

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@yumekojabuti @felipeneto @g4briel_15 senpai mermão kkkkk

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 1 week ago

@felipeneto Esse cara aí é professor de Economia? Tá de lascar...hahahahahaha. Era menos pior fazendo conta com chocolates.

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@felipeneto Oi nenê, não tem nada haver com o assunto mas hj é meu aniversário, vc pode me dar feliz aniversário? Eu ficaria bem feliz❤️

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 1 week ago

@felipeneto @felipeneto desde a época da escola eu te observo e... desde a primeira vez... que te vi, senpai... e-eu já me apaixonei... foi... a-amor a primeira vista... quer namorar comigo? 😳👉👈

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@felipeneto felipe, sei que não tem nada a ver com o assunto mas hoje eu completo 6 meses contigo aqui no tt e isso é muito importante pra mim <3

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Só uma valorização pra esse trabalho.

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@wrathsoftware This is definitely going to get over looked with 5000+ participants, but nonetheless,bc I support the vision and ingenuity of the Wrath team and am excited for just the opportunity to join such an exclusive team. Will always show support on ig and twitter gl all! #WrathTakesStock

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@wrathsoftware #WrathTakesStock Had to sell my previous key due to some financial issues back in the summer and have been trying ever since to get a key back into my hands without having to pay the $6000 premium 🙏

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@wrathsoftware #WrathTakesStock I need wrath to coook, and help my buddy get some upcoming releases.

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@wrathsoftware #WrathTakesStock ya'll helped me cook a hype beer release insanely quick, I was the first order(s) that went through their site. All done due to my free weekly from @akchefs_ Wish it would've been a better week to have cooked sneakers but it was a dry week 🥲 Need my redemption🙏

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