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Não passo a mão na cabeça de amigo que fez besteira só porque amo. Meu papel já fiz há tempo e sigo fazendo até hoje. O certo é o certo, o errado é o errado. Encorajo sempre a todas as mulheres a buscarem segurança e paz em suas relações. Assim sempre será. Boa noite.

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@anittaonbra @Anitta Nao fala que ela e sensata que ele odeia esse terno !

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@iamanitta @Anitta A fancam com o trecho de girl from Rio 🗣️ apagaaa

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@detalhesani @Anitta esse é o preço por ser a maior do país

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@goodnitta @Anitta Quem é o da vez????

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@IsDuanitta @Anitta O qu aconteceu?

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@Anitta TE AMO! É isto! A sensatez sempre acima de qualquer coisa

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@Anitta se afasta dele amor, já é a 10837373 vacilada que ele dá, esse cara não presta

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@Anitta Se afasta daquela praga

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I just wish that my health mattered to the @CAgovernor. #HighRiskCA, you don’t deserve to be at high risk and ineligible for the vaccine. Not all colleges have everything as together as @UCSanDiego, so how are we protecting disabled #HighRiskCA students? @ParshanKhosravi

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Let’s do something, @aidanaras of @_UCSA and @GwenChodur of @ucgpc to protect disabled students who are #HighRiskCA. Together, more of us can survive this pandemic. The time is now to end the eugenic approach to vaccine distribution. #DisabledPeopleHaveValue #DisabilityTwitter

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Do disabled lives matter? Yes, they do 🙌🏾 If you are a disabled student in CA, share your story with #HighRiskCA. Let your voice be heard.

@CAgovernor, I remind you that #DisabledPeopleHaveValue.

@DisabilityCA @_UCSA @ucgpc @GwenChodur @aidanaras @UofCalifornia @DisInHigherEd

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NEWS: $REGRF #HighRiskCA @Eh_Canadaian @ASoychak @LiquidityNews @newsfile_corp @MarketWN @squeezereport $REGRF $PSYCF $GDRX $GTCH

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How does CA so consistently ignore the needs of its disabled citizens — to the point of murdering them by neglect? @GavinNewsom #HighRiskCA #PGE #Triage How much worse is it in other states???

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Why doesn't @CAgovernor @GavinNewsom care about vulnerable residents in CA? #HighRiskCA

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Wooohoo @steven_aquino and @SFdirewolf, #HighRiskCA is officially your trend, celebrate? I have spoken.

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Beyond dismayed at @GavinNewsom's new #vaccine rollout. Prime example 21st century eugenics. Not prioritizing at-risk populations such as essential workers and disabled folks is racist, classist, and ableist. How many times must we ask you to stop killing us?? #HighRiskCA

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