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Quoted @MarceloFreixo

Quero mais uma vez compartilhar com vocês o meu posicionamento sobre a eleição para presidente da Câmara dos Deputados. 👇

Espero, do fundo do coração, que o PSOL escute o Marcelo Freixo.

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@felipeneto lindo falou tudo

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@Marselokkjk @felipeneto Kskskskkskskskksksk oxe

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@felipeneto oi, só queria dizer que te amo

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@felipeneto Felipe você já assistiu dark Netflix

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@felipeneto nao confiem em marcelos 😡

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@felipeneto felipe, sei que não tem nada a ver com o assunto mas ontem eu completei 6 meses contigo aqui no tt e isso é muito importante pra mim <3

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@janeworld1 @kelly2277 @TomCottonAR ‼️👆🏽‼️SO much fuckery for y'all to talk about😩😩😩😩@ZeroBlog30 Please explain to us??? @AlexHortonTX @PaulSzoldra @halbritz @JimLaPorta Who knew 2021 would begin with the Military part of the Trump shit show!! #TomCotton #SaturdayMorning

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# #GodMorningSaturday

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the only is the lord of infinite universes. He is in real sense almighty!!...
-- @SaintRampalJiM
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Got up this morning with hesitation of feeding myself because I know I can eat anytime but the time to eat is a blessing #thankful #SaturdayMorning

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#SaturdayMorning there are SOME that are the few who can AFFORD private lessons and guidance. These are the few and inbetween. Fuck everyone else who wishes to curse their child. Be the hero today! Do this for the children of today and the adults of tomorrow

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.@AshleyEtienne09, Communications Director for Vice President #KamalaHarris joins The @CrossConnection this #SaturdayMorning. Join @TiffanyDCross for this great guest and more starting at 10 AM ET, today on @MSNBC.

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