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@KarenKilgariff @GHardstark I’m not sure if either of you tune in to any of the masked shows, but who is revealed tonight on #themaskeddancer you guys HAVE TO SEE!!!

I AGREE! I’m not going to spoil it #themaskeddancer

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@ashleytisdale ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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@ashleytisdale Ashley I love you. I'm watching Sharpays fabulous adventure tonight.

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Hoy pero hace 8 años Suga fue presentado como miembro oficial de @BTS_twt
Min Yoongi quien posee de talento y belleza incontable.
Estoy plenamente agradecida de tener a personas como el en este planeta 🤍

#8YearsWithSUGA #SUGA

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I hope yoongi knows how important he is to us. He is the most precious person, I have never felt alone because of him. He cares for us and never questions us when we ask to see his his teeth or hands😂
#8yearswithSUGA #yoongi #MinYoongi

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کاش منم بلد بودم مث شماها قشنگ حرف بزنم...

8 years with suga

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