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 1 week ago

#TheMaskedDancer is so fun to watch on Wednesday nights!!

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@laneoscsmith ❤️❤️❤️ #TheMaskedDancer

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@laneoscsmith right!! Its the highlight of my week

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Puc dir q #EuphoriaHBO, la @rosalia i la col.laboració amb Billie Eilish m'importen un colló? Ens hem begut l'enteniment, oi... La pressió mediàtica és un deliri Avui veuré 'The Big Heat', d Fritz Lang, amb Glenn Ford i Gloria Grahame. @ARA_media @xcervantes1 @diariARA @lamartix

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Buah, #EuphoriaHBO qué viaje capítulo a capítulo

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For some reason, I liked Jule's episode more. #EuphoriaHBO

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piękny ten odcinek, popłakałam się 🥺 #EuphoriaHBO

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If ppl start complaining again 'where 's the glitter? Wher's the makeup and where's the aesthetic' for an episode that's an hour long therapy session i'm gonna lose my shit

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Aller enfin, après autant de galère. #EuphoriaHBO

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i add the end snippet of white ferrari to this scene. i didn’t know it can be even sadder. I- #EuphoriaHBO

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