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"Tem gente que não gosta de ouvir..."
AH MAS VAI ESCUTAR SIM! Isso aí, Michelle Loreto! 👏🏻👏🏻 #Encontro

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@RedeGlobo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ então bora mexer aí os pauzinho pra derrubar o miliciano pô !!!

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Trend it even higher!! This is outrageous!! This child is begging for help in Morse code ffs! @DCPoliceDept do something! #justiceforclaudia

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Still waiting for CPS to do their job. #JusticeForClaudia

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CPS and police have already been to this poor girl’s house MULTIPLE times, have done NOTHING, and now her mother, WHO IS @KellyannePolls BY THE WAY, is leaking HER OWN 16 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER’S NUDES.

LOCK. HER. UP. #justiceforclaudia

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#justiceforclaudia k*llyanne c*nway deserves to rot. it's heartbreaking to see claudia suffering every day because her mom is too powerful. i hope she makes it out safely some day

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Put this dusty bitch Kellyanne Conway in prison please


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