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Só na sofrência com @ThaemeeThiago! #Encontro

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The trend #Shoot reassures that farmers safeguarding themselves while the police resorted to violence isn't a sign of vandalisation, but self-defence.

#HistoricTractorMarch #FarmersProtest

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#गणतंत्रदिवस पर देश के 'गण' को.. लाठियों और आँसू गैस के गोलों की सौगात।

वाकई अद्दभुत/अविस्मरणीय .. #मोदी_है_तो_मुमकिन_है .. 😡😡

#HistoricTractorMarch #RepublicDay2021

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فرعون اپنی قوم کو لے ڈوبا تھا اور ایک دن یہ مودی بھی اپنی قوم کو لے ڈوبے گا

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The same flag when hoisted by the Sikh Regiment serving the nation is patriotic and a victory sign.

But if hoisted on a building within India, its treason and not acceptable? How is that justified?


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