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 4 years ago

15.8 million new jobs. 20 million more people insured. 165,000 troops home from war. Serving as your VP was the greatest honor of my life.

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 2 days ago

@After_Words @VP You spelt @potus wrong

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 3 years ago

@jakebeckman @VP not me

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 3 years ago

@mskristinawong @VP Biden was useless as a Vice President

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 4 years ago

@MaureenShaw @VP Exactly! The guy coming next as VP can't hold a candle to Joe. Don't go, Joe!

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 4 years ago

Thank you for your service, @VP!

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@VP Don't forget the Biden memes as your successes!!!

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@VP Thank you.

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@VP Thank you, Veep!

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 4 years ago


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Today is the 3rd day that Democrats and Joe Biden have allowed Antifa and BLM terrorists to destroy and assault businesses and citizens.

Biden is looking very weak and pathetic.


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Stand up for her @WaltDisneyCo @starwars or your responses to 1/6 and posts to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. are only words, not action, so null

PS You might check if Gina Carano follows him (is a mutual). If so, an additional reason she needs to be removed


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When will racists learn that they’re the bad guys this franchise vilifies #IStandWithKrystina

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#IStandWithKrystina she's an important, beautiful and talented voice in our TTRPG community. Fuck this harassment she is facing.

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