We brought home more of our troops, prevented Iran from building a nuclear weapon, and opened up a new chapter with the Cuban people.

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@WhiteHouse Mr obama Family liebe Like smile Usa Gupppen home do Arbeit Usa 🇺🇸👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍obama i your liebe Like Good Usa love Usa Wolcome 🇺🇸👍

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@WhiteHouse Bless @BarackObama all of his people. We are in for some hard times after this but we will still have hope

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@WhiteHouse I think Obama did a great job and brought us back from a huge deficit now we are back to even and we can thrive under Trump!

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@Thisours2k16 Profile picture Purpose


 4 years ago

@WhiteHouse Russia will annex the United States. Money and Corruption will reign. We're finished...Game Over...Thanks!!!😔

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@cajunpsycho Profile picture Cajun


 4 years ago

@WhiteHouse ummm don't you mean paid Iran not to make a nuclear weapon which they are doing anyway with our tax money we gave them?

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@commonSense4U2C Profile picture Carole


 4 years ago

@WhiteHouse Thank You

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@JamieDronek Profile picture Jamie


 4 years ago


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@MurseFed Profile picture Richard Hopson


 4 years ago

@WhiteHouse actually Obama has set it up so Iran can make nuclear weapons.

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Because you fought to make it happen, marriage equality is the law of the land, and we made progress on ensuring that all are created equal.

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In 2009, @POTUS bet on American autoworkers. And today, our auto industry has come roaring back.

 8,414  139  2,599

We cut our dependence on foreign oil, doubled our renewable energy, and led the world to a climate agreement that could save our planet.

 6,285  130  2,736

Together, we made sure that health care is a right, not a privilege. More than 20 million Americans have gained coverage thanks to the ACA.

 5,720  104  2,506

In 2009, the unemployment rate hit 10%. Together, we’ve cut that by more than half.

 4,923  74  1,956

Thanks to your grit and determination, American businesses have produced the longest stretch of job creation in our history.

 6,006  81  2,523

We've made real progress together these past eight years. Let’s take a look back:

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