After 388 episodes of West Wing Week, see what’s happening around the White House with @POTUS for the last time.

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 4 years ago

@kathskids616 @WhiteHouse good riddance

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 4 years ago

@inperilous1 @WhiteHouse @POTUS yes, after 8 years he has to get out, you are right - a great man being followed by cartoonish clown, scary!

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 4 years ago

@WhiteHouse @POTUS Thank President Obama and may your family and have a great life in private - SLS

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@WhiteHouse @POTUS we love you Barack!!

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@DickDerbin Profile picture Dick Derbin


 4 years ago
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@WhiteHouse @POTUS don't let the door hit your ass...

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 4 years ago

@WhiteHouse @POTUS please dont go guys...

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#istandwithkrystina #verifykrystinaarielle

1. She literally nowhere in ALL OF THE QUOTES IN THE ARTICLE said "all white people" are racist.
2. Reverse racism isn't a thing
3. She's not wrong about white people

Fight me, I dare you. Protect Krystina.

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Today is the 3rd day that Democrats and Biden have allowed Antifa and BLM terrorists to destroy and assault businesses and citizens.

Biden is looking very weak and pathetic.


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Only cowards and fools spread hate.

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I have had the good fortune to have some brief conversations with @KrystinaArielle and every time she's been thoughtful and giving of her time. #IStandWithKrystina

They can't dull your shine 💜

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When will these white man babies ever stop with this crap? Y'all are fragile af BECAUSE you never experience racism. You have not a single slight idea about what racism actually is. We have COUNTLESS privileges. Get over yourselves.


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#IStandWithKrystina because she is incredible and does not deserve any of the harrasment she is receiving.

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Just because it bears repeating...

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