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TOMORROW: A special post-Inauguration roundtable of Black women leaders and thinkers who will theorize and strategize about what it means to center Black women in our political agenda & what comes next in an era of profound discord.

Register now:

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Today is history: Black women are closer than ever before to the driver's seat of American power.

And still we fight.

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We see similar attacks now, undermining civil dissent, labelling diversity, equity & anti-racist training as “un-American.” For more history, read our #TruthBeTold report at & help fight back against the right's attacks on racial justice & gender equity.

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Hoover directed COINTELPRO agents to “prevent the rise of a Black Messiah” by any means necessary: surveilling their actions and speech, jailing them, or setting them up for violent attacks and even assassination. [4/6]

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In the 1960’s, the FBI surveilled Black civil rights movement leaders and activists through its Counterintelligence Program (COINTELPRO), as crafted by J. Edgar Hoover, who once labeled Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. as “the most dangerous man in America." #TruthBeTold [3/6]

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These attacks draw upon earlier American history.

The civil rights movement is an example of the suppression of speech and political violence against Black thought leaders: [2/6]

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The movement’s ideas — to unite multiracial, intergenerational communities to organize collectively for civil rights — were labeled “seditious” precisely because they unified people across race, gender, class and region throughout America. [5/6]

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#TruthBeTold, the understanding that America gave its Black citizens a bad check — the now-celebrated words of Martin Luther King Jr — is a version of history deemed "divisive" and banned under contemporary right wing attacks on free speech. [1/6]

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Thursday, join us for a special post-Inauguration Black women’s roundtable.

Moderated by @sandylocks, with @KWestSavali, @barbs73, @doccrearperry & @SAKimFoxx.

Register now:

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Replying to @AAPolicyForum: The 1776 Report is an affront to real historical scholarship, a lesson in plagiarism & lazy historical revisionism. It i…

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Read the report and join the fight at .

And join us for Thursday's #UnderTheBlacklight! A panel of Black women truth-tellers will assess the current state of Black women in the United States. RSVP:

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More: "To address the lingering dimensions of our nation’s long history of white supremacy and patriarchy, we must set aside discomforts born of guilt and denial and embrace instead truths that ground our national commitment to liberty and justice for all."

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The 1776 Report is an affront to real historical scholarship, a lesson in plagiarism & lazy historical revisionism. It is not worthy of good-faith critique.

But it is part of a broad and dangerous move to suppress vital knowledge about the sources & consequences of inequality.

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AAPF's #TruthBeTold Campaign targets this illiberal attack, working to protect and advance ideas, histories, and conceptual viewpoints that advance free speech and equal rights under the law.

More info:

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From our #TruthBeTold report: "Essential in the pursuit of our cherished ideals of race and gender equity is the development of knowledge about how racism and sexism have shaped our society along with the transmission of the tools to recognize their continuing presence."

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Replying to @UCLA_Law: .@sandylocks of @AAPolicyForum & @IMKC_podcast will host an #UnderTheBlacklight series on Thursday, Jan. 21 9:30AM PST to ana…

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.@sandylocks of @AAPolicyForum & @IMKC_podcast will host an #UnderTheBlacklight series on Thursday, Jan. 21 9:30AM PST to analyze and discuss #BidenHarrisInauguration and the future of Black women in politics. RSVP:

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Register now for Thursday's special post-Inauguration #UnderTheBlacklight: "From Base to the Face of the Democratic Party: And Still We Fight"

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ICYMI: AAPF Executive Director @sandylocks reflects on King's framing of the failures and promises of America for @CNN.

Thursday's #UnderTheBlacklight will ask if the time has finally come for the nation to center a Black women's political agenda.

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Long the wheels of the Democratic bus, Black women are finally getting near the driver’s seat.

Next stop? To ensure that a Black women’s agenda is the roadmap for this next political era.

Join us Thursday for an #UnderTheBlacklight special:

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