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💪🏾 Husband. Father. Son. Community Advocate. State Rep. (He/Him) Fmr. Candidate for U.S. Senate. 🏃🏾‍♂️Founder @HoodtotheHoller • This is a movement! ✊🏾

Louisville, KY

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Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. believed in a guaranteed annual income.

So do I.

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Pandemic Direct Cash Payments in 2 people-centered steps:

1) $2000 in addition to the $600 already passed.

2) At least $2000 monthly, including back pay

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The Senate has no problem rapidly appointing justices to the Supreme Court. Now, they have a responsibility to step up and vote for justice for the nation.

Mitch can cut the BS. He needs to do right by the American people while he packs his office.

Vote to convict now.

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The people of the United States of America need for the incoming president and the new majority in Congress to deliver.

That includes emergency Medicare for All, $2,000 recurring checks, and the cancellation of all student debt.

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Quoted @hoodtotheholler

Hyped. We just trained 25 new digital organizers...on this random Wednesday in January. ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

Join us here: .

Every single day is a day to organize. When I am asked why I am so fired up for the future, this is why.

I’m telling you, watch what we’re going to do in Kentucky.

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Thank you, @CoriBush.

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Getting impeached twice is not the type of history one should want to make. This is a solemn day, and a distressing time for all of us.

For our nation and our security, this had to be done.

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Quoted @AynRandPaulRyan

The attack on the Capitol was coordinated and planned.

Here are the insurrectionists talking about the plan, including detailed schematics of the Capitol building.

This is not a protest.

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You cannot equate white supremacy with the calls for justice against the generational devastation of white supremacy. You cannot equate marching for civil rights with a violent insurrection.

This is not a both sides conversation.

Just making sure we can level-set here.

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Quoted @BernieSanders

Let's make it permanent by ending Citizens United, abolishing super PACs, getting big money out of politics, and moving to the public funding of elections.

Damn right.

All of this.

Let’s make it permanent.

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The insurrection was fueled by racism and inspired by a flat out lie.

It is time to face the truth. Every single elected official who pushed the lie that the election was stolen and fueled this mob must come clean now.

Admit the lie, impeach the President, and promptly resign.

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Quoted @RexChapman

Mitch McConnell being “pleased” about Trump being impeached is nothing surprising. He sees an opportunity to get rid of Trump and renew the Republican Party while washing himself of the absolute treasonous shitshow that he and the Republican Party enabled and helped create..

This is so true.

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Impeaching and removing the President of the United States is just the beginning of what we must do if we still intend to realize democracy in our country.

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The student leaders on @KentuckyMBB showed more courage and leadership than many politicians have shown in this unprecedented time in our nation.

They took a knee, recognizing the pain and injustices we face, and raised awareness for the work we must do.

We need more of that.

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Let’s be clear.

@RandPaul is being a politician instead of a statesman, and Kentuckians can see right through it. He refuses to hold Trump accountable, and that is unacceptable.

I stand with the people of Kentucky, and for the survival of our Republic, and demand that he act.

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Instead of being a check on the President’s power, @RandPaul has tried to have it both ways, choosing political doublespeak over leadership.

He misled the American people for Trump, but now says he condemns Trump for doing the very thing he helped him do.

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@RandPaul has an obligation: to put politics aside and honor his oath, in a democracy made possible by generations of Americans paying the highest sacrifice.

He must hold the outgoing President accountable for his unspeakable abuse of power.

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This is not complicated, Rand: whether or not you voted for him, Donald Trump incited a violent riot, and sent an armed mob to Capitol Hill. People there wore clothes hailing Nazi Germany, carried flex cuffs intended for use on Congressional leaders, and now, six people are dead.

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We shocked the world. We inspired hope to not only beat Mitch, but transform our future.

Our work isn’t done.

That’s why I’m launching @hoodtotheholler! It’s time to tell a new story...a new Southern Strategy. It’s OUR time. Join us.

Contribute: .

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