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After three years, Elizabeth Salgado's disappearance remains a mystery. Police in Provo, UT today confirmed during a press conference there are still no significant leads on her whereabouts. Please call the police if you have any information. (801) 852-6210.

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We choose who we are, and happiness is within reach for each of us. Reclaim your life and move forward with hope!

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Timely, essential and critically important!

#stopsexual #nomorevictimes #metoo #timesup #courageous #brave #survivors #speakup #elizabethsmart #staystrong #nomorevictimblaming #nevergiveup #repudiatesexualassaut

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I got the opportunity to interview 4 of the survivors from the Larry Nassar case for @crimewatchdaily. Each of the four women I interviewed gave victim impact statements at Nassar's sentencing, however, they were not alone in giving the statements. 156 total victims did! #Brave

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Can't believe this just happened!

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I established the Elizabeth Smart Foundation to help prevent future crimes against children, and to address the needs of survivors and families by providing resources needed to empower their futures. Please consider donating to my foundation.

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A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to speak at Idaho State University @idahostateu and was reminded of how important it is for each of us to be a little kinder to each other. Every person has a story. Every person needs kindness. #KindnessMatters #Kindness #elizabethsmart

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This past week has given me a lot to think about. I spoke in Atlanta and New Orleans, met some wonderful people and heard some heartbreaking stories. I am constantly overwhelmed at the support I receive, and am so deeply touched by all the loving and kind comments. Thank you!

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We're excited to offer this beautiful gold-filled necklace, purposed to encourage a friend, loved one, or stranger who is in need of support, or to serve as a reminder for yourself. 10% of sales go to the Elizabeth Smart Foundation.
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"I Am Elizabeth Smart" premieres TONIGHT on Lifetime at 8/7C. This is the definitive, authorized movie about my harrowing kidnapping, told from my perspective and with my full participation. #lifetime #survivor #hope #stopsexualviolence

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My movie "I Am Elizabeth Smart" premeirs tomorrow, Saturday, November 18, on Lifetime. This year marks the 15th anniversary of my rescue. I narrate and tell my own story that is more relevant today than ever. #survivor #stopsexualviolence #Lifetime

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Victims don’t stay in painful, scary situations because they like it, they stay there because they’re scared. Victims so often find that doing nothing or exactly what their perpetrators tell them is the best survival tactic. #Lifetime #iamelizabethsmart

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I hope everyone will watch my @lifetimetv movie this Saturday, Novembe 18, at 9pm (EST). The acting was so real it scared me. And that was one of the most important elements of doing this project.. #staystrong #miracleshappen #nomorevictimblaming #NeverGiveUp

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Live Facebook Q&A tonight with actress Deirdre "Dede"Lovejoy (the actress who portrays Wanda Barzee in the LifeTime movie "I Am Elizabeth Smart" airing Saturday, November 18). Dede and I will be on Facebook live from 9PM - 9:45PM (EST). us.

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Part 1 of 2 tonight on A&E at 9PM (EST). I tell the story of my kidnapping at 14-years-old and the nine months of captivity and sexual abuse I experienced. I also discuss, along with my family, and law enforcement officials, the efforts to rescue me.

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Preview of my story - as told on A&E Sunday and Monday, November 12-13.

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“Elizabeth Smart: Autobiography,” airing Sunday, November 12 and Monday, November 13 at 9pm on A&E.

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So excited to see this in People Magazine. In NY to promote my 2 part documentary airing this Sunday and Monday at 9:00 on A&E, and my movie on Lifetime 11/18 8:00 pm et/pt. #aetv #lifetime

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