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When you make a mistake, go to God and ask for forgiveness, then move on. The first time you asked, God not only forgave you, but He doesn’t remember it anymore.

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Don’t be discouraged by the trouble. It’s not stopping anything God has for you. God is storing up all the joy, all the good breaks, all the favor.

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Quit worrying about who’s ahead of you and how it’s not going to work out. God can quickly change things, quickly promote you, quickly heal you, quickly free you.

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God sees everything. He’s keeping the records. The scripture says, “What you do in secret, God will reward in the open.” Don’t worry if you’re not getting credit. Don’t get discouraged if people don’t thank you. God sees your sacrifice.

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The trouble is temporary; the trouble is not going to last forever. You may be in difficult time, but that’s not how your story ends.

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God said He would give you beauty for the ashes. But here’s the key, you have to let go of the ashes before you can receive the beauty.

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You have to release the miracle. When you say, “I am free.” In the unseen realm, chains are broken, strongholds are loosed. You are prophesying your future. Listen to the words coming out of your mouth.

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That trouble looks permanent, but God is saying it’s not going to last very long. It’s not by your might, not by your power, but by the Spirit of the living God. Be inspired by this message from Joel, "Trouble is Temporary".

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We all want to rise higher, accomplish dreams, overcome obstacles, but as long as we’re only focused on ourselves, we’ll get stuck. God brings people and opportunities across our path so we can be a blessing.

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It’s okay to have times where you feel discouraged and you don’t see how it can work out. It’s okay to start there, but don’t finish there. Don’t stay in the ashes; don’t stay defeated. God didn’t bring you this far to leave you.

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God won’t let you get in a situation that He can’t bring you out of. If the trouble was too much, the sickness too great, the opposition too strong, He wouldn’t have allowed it.

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Your latter days will be better than your former days. Your story doesn’t end in defeat. It doesn’t end in failure, injustice, sorrow. Those are temporary seasons. Your story ends in victory.

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If you’ll stay in faith, keep being your best, you’re going to come into your “after this.” You’ll say, “After the layoff, I got a better position. After they walked away, I met someone better. After the storm, I came out stronger.”

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Don’t get discouraged by difficulties. The promise we have is not that trouble won’t come, but that the trouble is not going to last.

Listen now to this new message from Joel, "Trouble is Temporary":

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That cancer is not bigger than our God, that breakup didn’t stop your purpose, that trouble at work is not going to last. God is behind the scenes right now, working in your life. Your time is coming. It’s going to happen sooner than you think.

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No person can stand against our God: no bad break, no sickness, no trouble. God controls the universe. He said, “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy is coming in the morning.”

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Just because we’re people of faith doesn’t mean we won’t have difficulties. You can be doing the right thing and come into trouble. The scripture says rain falls on the just and the unjust. The promise we have is not that trouble won’t come, but that the trouble won't last.

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There is a blessing on your life that protects you and guards you because you honor God. When you walk in integrity, you won’t just see God’s favor, you’ll see His protection.

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God doesn’t expect you to be strong all the time. He understands there will be times that we get weary. The good news is He doesn’t fault us for feeling weak. The scripture says, “When you are weak, He is strong.”

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