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Wow, what a way to start my weekend! My team and I are so excited to be nominated for 2 @ACMawards. 2020 was a tricky year but I really couldn’t do it without all my fans out there supporting me. Thank you so much. Is it too early for #OneMargarita? Ha love y’all.

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This is awesome. Let’s keep this trend going...Pre-add now on @AppleMusic! #BornHereLiveHereDieHere

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We created a virtual world for the #DownToOne music video. Go behind the scenes to see how we pulled it off now on @YouTube.

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The #DownToOne music video is unlike any other one we’ve ever done before. Go behind the scenes now on @Facebook and see how we brought @MichaelAMonaco’s vision to life.

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Pre-order the “Born Here Live Here Die Here (Deluxe Edition)” before it’s out on 4/9.

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I thought every day was #NationalMargaritaDay?

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WEST COAST… it’s your turn. Let’s watch some @AmericanIdol! #CountryDoesIdol

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Didn’t think anyone could come close to @rihanna singing “Diamonds”... until I heard @Williespence. Truly incredible buddy #AmericanIdol

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There is something to be said about pure God-given talent. I’m so glad the world gets to hear your voice @casscoleman #AmericanIdol

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We believe in you, Ace and can’t wait to see what your future holds. #AmericanIdol

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Quoted @katyperry

Turns out…being a mom doesn’t make @lukebryanonline’s dad jokes any better 🥴 HALP ME

Someone’s gotta be the personality on the show @katyperry

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.@ChayceBeckham locked us in and had me clapping without even realizing it. This is what it’s all about. #AmericanIdol

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It’s a valid question y’all. #AmericanIdol

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Yep, knew I would regret that after watching it back. #AmericanIdol

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It’s like looking in a mirror @yurisbel305 hahah #AmericanIdol

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Replying to @AmericanIdol: ⭐ RETWEET ⭐ to show your support for @thecaseybishop!


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⭐ RETWEET ⭐ to show your support for @thecaseybishop!


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.@thecaseybishop gave me the same feeling as @scarypoolparty’s audition. I don’t take that comparison lightly. #AmericanIdol

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Thanks for the success of #BornHereLiveHereDieHere. We had 6 extra songs that we were able to record & thought it was the perfect time to put them out. #BornHereLiveHereDieHere (Deluxe Edition) is coming 4/9! Pre-order now & get the first song #CountryDoes

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