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Incoming Domestic Policy Advisor to VP-elect Kamala Harris. 2020 Fellow @harvardiop. Alum of @teamjoe @senbennet and @senstabenow. Mom of 3 boys under 8.

Washington D.C.

Joined on 6 January, 2020

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Quoted @nathanbarankin

Our country is loaded with talent in the environmental policy space, but few are as talented and creative as Dr. @Ike_Irby. VP @KamalaHarris’s appointment of Ike is proof her commitment to our climate future is stronger than ever.

Couldn’t agree more. Excited to have you on our team Dr. @Ike_Irby!

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Replying to @nathanbarankin: Our country is loaded with talent in the environmental policy space, but few are as talented and creative as Dr. @Ike_I

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Yesterday the building complex I loved and worked at and for 14 straight years was desecrated. But this is what I know. We have all come too far as a country to stop fighting for our ideals. Joe Biden will give us the space to do just that.

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Replying to @KamalaHarris: One month until @JoeBiden is sworn in as president.

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One month until @JoeBiden is sworn in as president.

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Quoted @aijenpoo

Great news that @RohiniKos will be domestic policy advisor to @KamalaHarris! Ready to work with you so we can recover from this crisis with equity & justice for all, including our caregivers & domestic workers. 👏🏽

Thank you @aijenpoo.

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Quoted @RoKhanna

This is another big milestone for the South Asian community. Congrats @RohiniKos!

Thank you @RoKhanna.

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Thank you @SAforBiden.

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Quoted @jeremymbarr

Some news: @tiffanydcross will host a Saturday morning show on MSNBC and @capehartj will host a show on Sunday mornings, starting next weekend.

Congratulations to @TiffanyDCross. She will challenge conventional thinking and make us all better for it.

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Quoted @BillWalkerAk

Congrats to Rohini Kosoglu @RohiniKos on being appointed Domestic Policy Advisor to VP-elect @KamalaHarris. Rohini served with me this spring as a Resident Fellow at the Harvard Institute of Politics @harvardiop and is a trailblazer with a very impressive resume.

Thank you Governor @BillWalkerAk.

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Quoted @SenatorBennet

I’m thrilled @RohiniKos will serve as Domestic Policy Advisor to VP-elect @KamalaHarris. Her intellect, creativity, & determination embody the best qualities of a public servant. I know she’ll work as hard for the American people as she did for Colorado. I couldn’t be prouder.

Thank you @SenatorBennet.

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Quoted @genebsperling

In my work with @RohiniKos I’ve been so incredibly impressed by her insight, intellect, creativity & breadth of knowledge on the most pressing economic & budget challenges we face. Her appointment is not only a big boost for @KamalaHarris but for the entire Biden economic team.

Thank you @genebsperling.

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Replying to @mindykaling: @RohiniKos @SenStabenow Congratulations! 🙌🏾

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@RohiniKos @SenStabenow Congratulations! 🙌🏾

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Quoted @GovMurphy

Congrats to Toms River’s own @RohiniKos on being appointed Domestic Policy Advisor to Vice President-elect @KamalaHarris. The Biden-Harris Administration is prepared to hit the ground running to get this virus under control and responsibly open up our economy.

Thank you @GovMurphy.

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Quoted @SenStabenow

So proud of @RohiniKos! She is highly qualified and will keep putting Michigan families first in her important new role for VP-elect @senkamalaharris!! #GoBlue (from a Spartan 😃)

Thank you @SenStabenow.

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Replying to @Transition46: Vice President-elect Harris continues to build a White House senior staff that not only looks like America but reflects t…

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Quoted @JerusalemDemsas

I spent a couple of weeks talking with policy experts, renters, landlords, and lawyers about the looming expiration date for the CDC's eviction moratorium.

It's worse than you think, and it's all utterly avoidable. Thread.

An important thread by @JerusalemDemsas. Please take a minute to read.

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Welcome President-elect @JoeBiden and Madam Vice President-elect @KamalaHarris. It’s been an honor of a lifetime.

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Two fierce ladies asking the people of Georgia to VOTE!

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Truly honored to join @TeamJoe. Growing up, I never could have imagined myself in these rooms. Both @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris, speak to why this next generation of women and girls can.

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