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Whatever you do, just check – is it all about you, or is it for the wellbeing of All. This settles any confusion about good and bad karma. #SadhguruQuotes

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The most fundamental aspect of your life that you need to take care of is that you don't make conclusions. If you do not make conclusions, the doors of your mind will not close. You shall live an immersive and exuberant life.

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World’s #LargestVaccineDrive ever in Bharath. Congratulations to our Scientists, healthcare workers and administration. Vaccines will definitely help mitigate Virus risk substantially but still very important to maintain protocols of non-spread. Blessings. -Sg

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Once you experience all life forms as a part of yourself, you cannot help but fall in love with everything around you. #SadhguruQuotes

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General MM Naravane #COAS conveys felicitations and warm wishes to All Ranks of the #IndianArmy, Civilians, #Veterans and their Families on the occasion of 73rd #ArmyDay.


In recognition of the frontliners of this nation for their resilience, duty and service—the honorable face of Bharat. Our nation holds you in the highest regard. My utmost respect & gratitude to you all. -Sg #ArmyDay @adgpi @HQ_IDS_India

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There is no substitute for a conscious, responsible behavior. #SadhguruQuotes

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பல மாத உழைப்பின் பலன் மழைநீரில் மூழ்கியது வேதனைக்குரியது. பயிர் இழப்பு விவசாயிகளுக்கு பொருளாதார நஷ்டத்தை தாண்டிய பேரிழப்பாகும். இன்னும் நிலையான விவசாய முறைகளை பிரபலமாக்கி, பொருளாதார உறுதியையும் விவசாயி நல்வாழ்வையும் மேம்படுத்த சமூக ஈடுபாடே தற்போதைய தேவை-Sg

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Painful to see months of toil washed away. Crop loss much more than economic disaster for #farmers. Community involvement need of the hour in popularizing more sustainable farming models, enhancing financial endurance & farmer wellbeing. –Sg

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Kaleidoscope. - Sg #Poem

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#பொங்கல்வாழ்த்துக்கள் #பொங்கல்_வாழ்த்துக்கள் #உழவர்திருநாள்

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#Sankranti and #Pongal are about expressing gratitude to everything that makes our life. Go out, feel the air, and celebrate! #SadhguruQuotes

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1976. -Sg #Poem

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It is time to shed the burdens of the past year and come up fresh and alive. #SadhguruQuotes #Bhogi

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With hallucinogens, you’re trying to beat the mind down and have an experience. But the body is the greatest chemical factory on the planet. If you simply don't mess with your mind, you will become a million-fold more than any external substance.

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Youth is a time of tremendous energy. You should look at the possibilities, not the problems. #SadhguruQuotes #NationalYouthDay

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