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A North Dakota state rep’s harassment was so constant, GOP colleague says, she moved her desk across the room

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U.S. announces sanctions on Russia for the poisoning and jailing of opposition leader Alexei Navalny

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Home-security cameras have become a fruitful resource for law enforcement — and a fatal risk

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A mom reported her 6-year-old missing. She’d actually run him over and thrown him in a river, police said.

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Analysis: Sarkozy’s conviction carries echoes for Trump

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Some Senate Democrats rally behind recurring direct payments as jockeying for next relief bill begins

 151  16  27

Biden to announce that pharmaceutical giant Merck will help make Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine in pact between competitors

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U.S. alleges Proud Boys planned to break into Capitol on Jan. 6 from many different points

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New Orleans Archdiocese tells Catholics to avoid Johnson & Johnson vaccine, saying it is "morally compromised"

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Fact Checker: Trump falsely claims he "requested" 10,000 troops rejected by Pelosi

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Boy Scouts releases sex-abuse bankruptcy plan, with $300 million coming from local councils

 86  23  42

Analysis | Andrew Cuomo timeline: His comments about sexual misconduct and the allegations against him

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House ethics office says there’s "substantial reason to believe" Rep. Steven Palazzo misused campaign, congressional funds

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A Capitol rioter said he posed as "Antifa," feds say, then boasted he beat police who "got exactly what they deserved"

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Saudi crown prince accused of crimes against humanity in the killing of Jamal Khashoggi

 433  84  147

How to care for your wood cutting board so it lasts a lifetime

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Biden administration provides slim increase in help for ACA insurance coaches

 66  8  15

Analysis: How Trump got more votes than Republican House candidates but still lost

 127  78  44

Kenyan police are using Twitter to become known as crime fighters, not killers

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